Patrick Triato

Summer Triato
Co-founder, Creative Director


Cassy Bright
General Manager

Kelli Groh
Wishing Well Coordinator /
Venue Manager

Desiree Etzel
Operations / Venue Manager


Brie Schettle
Venue Manager

Alexis Chan
Venue Manager / Event Coordinator

Thom Roholt
Production Manager


Kelly Cuadra
Event Coordinator

Ashley Caviness
Event Coordinator

Quinn Triato
Future Boss


The Women of Union/Pine
Management Team : Heather, Kelli, Desiree, Cassy, Summer (& Quinn)
and Carolyn and Abby of Witchy Women Cleaning
Mascot : Ari

Not pictured : Our men. Without whom it also would not happen.

U/P Community

We aim to support the vision of our Clients, their budgets, and as many businesses as possible here at UNION/PINE,
so we proudly offer an Open Catering Policy. Below is a list of some of our favorite industry partners who have been thoroughly vetted by Union/Pine staff and Clients.

Our Clients are welcome to hire any catering company that is licensed by City of Portland and State of Oregon and
possesses food and service licenses. No fees apply.