Customized Craft Workshops


We have partnered with the incredible folks at Wildcraft Studio School to offer a unique 'add-on' to any Union/Pine booking. Take your 'team building' meeting to the next level, or celebrate a shower or birthday with an activity the whole party will love, complete with a takeaway that will keep on giving.

A broad range of options from perfumery, leather-working, calligraphy, and natural dyes are available exclusively to U/P clients in intervals from 3 hour introductions up to full day sessions starting at $85/pp. 


Example Classes:


Learn the art of traditional paintmaking using natural minerals and pigments. Participants will have hands-on experience in grinding minerals into pigments as well as mixing them with a range of oils and binders. Students will leave with paint samples, as well as recipes to make at home. 


Leather-working is a classic craft and useful skill for artists, craftsmen and those interested in making and mending. Students will learn to make a custom designed leather pouch from start to finish, and in the process, gain an understanding of construction, hardware, and finishes. 


The process will involve designing and hand drawing patterns on silk fabric using a gutta resist, then painting the fabric with plant-based dyes. Each student will go home with a hand painted yard of silk fabric as well as fundamental textile design and natural dye knowledge.

More classes listed HERE, but many other options are available!
Just click the link above or email for pricing, availability, and options.