Open Catering Policy

We aim to support the vision of our Clients, their budgets, and as many businesses as possible here at UNION/PINE,
so we proudly offer an Open Catering Policy. This means that our Clients are welcome to hire any catering company that is licensed by City of Portland and State of Oregon and possesses food and service licenses. No fees apply.


Open Vendor Policy

UNION/PINE also extends our open policy to all vendors: rentals, A/V, florists, coordinators, etc. We have highlighted some of our favorites into the 'U/P Community' list below based on selection, budget, quality, and Client satisfaction, but any vendor is welcome.

Please let us know if you have a vendor to recommend for this list as it is constantly being updated! 

Bar Catering

As State law requires that a licensed and insured Bar Catering company manage bar service, Union/Pine has compiled a list of over 20 currently eligible options (see 'U/P Community' list).

Varying price-points and service options are available, including Client-provided alcohol and supplies.

Bartenders-for-hire do not qualify for this requirement. 

In-House Furniture





Decor Do's and Don'ts

To help our Clients prepare for decorating the space to suit their vision, we’ve shared some important venue specs and decor-related do’s and don’ts below. As always, please feel free to email us with any questions!



Candles are permitted at UNION/PINE as long as they comply with Fire Marshall standards as outlined below.

Candles must have at least 4 inches between the top of the flame and the opening of the container. 

No taper candles are allowed under any circumstances as they are prone to tipping and are a hazard. 

Only electric candles are allowed on the wooden wall shelves.

Candles are permitted on tables and bars only, and never on the floor. 


The ceilings and the majority of our walls at UNION/PINE are concrete, so picture railing has been installed at the top of most walls. The railing allows hanging of items utilizing fishing line or twine with picture hooks.

No nails, screws, or tape of any kind are permitted. 

You may use Command Strips only if they are used properly, so please educate yourself and anyone who may help with take-down on how to remove them without ripping off paint or drywall. 

Any damages will carry a minimum $50 fee, varying on the extent of damage.

Breakdown / Load-Out

All items must be removed and load out at the end of booking unless next-day pickup is previously arranged. 

Confetti, rice, and sparklers are not allowed indoors at any time. Outdoor use may carry an additional cleaning fee.

If Client would like UNION/PINE assistance with set up or break down, U/P Event Coordinator must be hired.

Next Day pickup/load out will be charged a $100 fee. Hours utilized will be charged at Client Load Out/Event rate, with a minimum of one hour. U/P Coordinator can be hired to facilitate at an additional $75/hr.

Layout Inspirations

Click through the galleries to see some popular layout options!